Thongchak Manning Limited is a company in which dedicated to providingthe best of important at sea ship maintenance riding crew. We accomplishthis goal by providing our customers with top quality staff through acontracted basis. The services are provided at the best quality guaranteedby all the procedures and trainings required by ILO and MLC 2006 toassure our standard of services and customer satisfaction. All of our crewmembers are medically screened and are qualified for both locally andinternationally registered vessels.

Our Company has been developing Thai Crew services since 2003. To this end we have acquired extensive expertise in seaman andmaintenance job on board sea-going vessels.We are confident thatour proposed services will effectively address your needs.

Thongchak Manning Company Ltd.(TCM) is a subordinate companyof Thai Marine School, a vocational training center for Ratings.Our keen knowledge of the MARITIME industry has helped usdevelop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients which are

  - Reducing Operation Cost
  - Reducing Dry Deck Cost


Our goal is to expand our markets in and outside ofThailand by providing top quality maintenance crewsupport to assist painting and cleaning job on sea-goingvessels with the service provided by certified ratings andexperienced Thai seafarers in order to assure ourcustomer satisfaction and the well-being of our crews.


Founded in March 2003 by the Chairman of Thai Marine School; ViceAdmiral Pairoj Santivejakul of the Royal Thai Navy, TCM has beensuccessful in supplying ship owners and ship management companieswith Thai crews that have demonstrated a high degree of professionalismand customer satisfaction in the services they provided.

As a formal Commandant of the Royal Thai Naval Academy who had hada strong determination to improve the maritime industry of Thailand, hedecided to focus on crew personnel at rating level to be specific. VADM.Pairoj wanted to improve the living condition and quality of life of Thaipeople who live along the coastlines and have the potential to make useof it with education and proper guidelines. For this reason, he startedThai Marine School to produce qualified seafarers to work on vesselsand Thongchak Manning Company was established to increase jobopportunities for Thai seafarers to work on both local and internationalvessels.  

TCM currently services vessels in Europe, Africa and Asia and employshundreds of crew in our labor pool.





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